SteelFuture S.r.l. is an important production company in the mechanical machining market, particularly in chemical and mining industry, petrolchemical and metallurgical industry, components for wind towers, hydraulic turbines and carpentry.

Quality and punctuality thanks to a Complete Production System (CPS)

The supplying system „CPS" was set up due to market demands for finished products, in which the whole process is managed by a single supplier capable of offering laminated, forged and pressed products in their coarse state, mechanical engineering, controls and testing with a view to providing a „complete package".

The acquired experience in more than 30 years of activity, the careful choice of the raw materials and the high tecnical level of our staff guarantees us to supply high quality products, in accordance with the actual market demands. A dynamic company, establishing the own success in the passion for the own sector and own work, joined to a large acquisition of means and methods, in order to supply the customer with the requested items, fully satysfiyng the requirements of the market. The controls of the supply aren’t neglected, but carried out through a sophisticated interaction of competences and tecnologies, consenting our customers the certainty of getting products which optimises the quality standards.

Thanks to the good relations and trust we have built up with our customers, laminated rings, ball valves, hydraulic turbines and light and heavy steel structures carrying STEELFUTURE trademarks, contributing to conferring to our image a qualitative tone of a high image.